About Us

Sexual abuse is a crippling experience physically, emotionally, and mentally. By combining talk therapy and medication, we created a support system that can provide access to affordable mental health professionals.

Our Story

Sagip Babae Foundation is an organization that provides safe space for women who are victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. The trauma from that experience didn't end when she got physically examined nor when the perpetrator got jailed. Their crisis continues to arise, and the negative emotions linked to that experience might lead to serious mental health conditions. The mental health effects can be intense and long-lasting yet usually left unrecognized and unresolved.

With the Sagip Babae Foundation, every woman will feel safe and supported. We provide them with an avenue to voice their issues and concerns and seek help without the fear of getting judged. Gone are the days of hiding the traumatic experiences and mental health issues that affected them. The foundation has a support system that can provide access to affordable health care professionals specializing in mental health through a combination of talk therapy and medication.


Sagip Babae Foundation supports young women that suffered from sexual abuse and domestic violence by providing a safe space and helping them process their feelings and overcome their trauma so they can be empowered and feel better about themselves.


To create a safe space that every young woman deserves and offer reliable support and opportunities to heal from their traumatic experiences.

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We created an online space for sexually abused women. Kung ikaw o may kakilala ka na nakaranas nito, join our Facebook community.

  • Safe space to voice out experiences they're scared to share with others
  • A community where they will feel heard and free of judgment

Note: Posting can be anonymous

If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger - please report to your respective barangay or nearest Women and Children Protection Desk.
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