A Safe Space
for Every woman.

Sagip Babae Foundation is a safe space created for women to help process their trauma from sexual abuse so they can have emotional and mental health support.

About Us

With the Sagip Babae Foundation, every woman will feel safe and supported. We provide them with an avenue to voice their issues and concerns and seek help without the fear of getting judged. Gone are the days of hiding the traumatic experiences and mental health issues that affected them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Sagip Babae Foundation is helping young adult women who are survivors of sexual abuse. Right now, we are available online and all women from the Philippines can contact us or be a part of our group on Facebook at Sagip Babae Community.


  1. Community Approach
    • We provide a safe platform for women where they can freely speak up, volunteer, and contribute to creating solutions that will empower themselves and other women. A dedicated Facebook community is open to all women who need help and support. In partnership with professionals and practitioners, webinars, self-care strategies, wellbeing education, meditation, holistic healing, and group sessions will be hosted here at least twice a month.
  2. Individual Approach
    • There are instances when women find it hard to disclose any information or open up about their experiences in a group setting. They might find it more comfortable to talk one-on-one. With some limitations on the number of beneficiaries we can accept, Sagip Babae Foundation created a point A - D process for the women in need of individualized support solution. 


Sagip Babae Foundation is partnering with medical practitioners and holistic wellness providers who offer programs for mental health. We are also partnering with other institutions that share our advocacy. 
AJ Sunglao
Mental Health Consultant
Psychologist, Speaker, and Program Designer
Jenny Umali
Partner Holistic Wellness Provider
Reiki Master and Crystal Healer
Founder of Purple Light Healing & Coaching
The Third Eye Wellness
Partner Holistic Wellness Provider
Charlene Lucas, RPsy
Partner Registered Psychologist
International Clinical Traumatologist
Organizational Behavior Consultant
Certified Sexual Abuse Trauma Specialist

How can I volunteer for Sagip Babae Foundation?

Be an advocate and help us expand our online and offline presence so we can reach more women.

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Step 2: Schedule a call (for SBF introduction, alignment and onboarding) 

Step 3: Watch training videos

Step 4: Collect suggestion or feedback

How to apply as an individual beneficiary?

Step 1: Please accomplish this form

Step 2: Schedule a call (for SBF introduction, alignment and onboarding)

If you're ready to overcome your trauma from sexual abuse or domestic violence, we are here to help you.

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